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Rewarding Adult Care Staff while tracking professional development 

The Care Professional Academy is a platform available to all professionals working in Adult Social Care. As an Academy Affiliate you can log your training certificates and qualifications, access care sector news, and gain access to exclusive rewards and discounts.  

About us
About us

Professionalise Adult Social Care 

Our mission is to professionalise Adult Social Care, for those working in care to be treated like professionals and for the wider public to view care as a professional career choice.  

You are not ‘just a carer’. Whatever your role within Adult Social Care, it is a skilled sector to work in which requires high-quality training and people with the right values and attitude towards supporting vulnerable people.  

By becoming an Academy Affiliate, you are leading the way in professionalising the sector, showcasing your training and development and getting much-deserved rewards for being a care professional.  

Working in Partnership 

The Care Professional Academy started as a partnership between Hertfordshire Care Providers Association and Adult Care Services at Hertfordshire County Council and was aimed at ensuring the entire care workforce across the county was trained to a professional, best practice standard. The remit has grown, and this is now available for ALL Local Authority areas to participate!  

The Academy is available to all adult care providers across the entire country from residential services such as nursing homes and care homes, to community organisations such as home care providers who support individuals in their own homes.  

This would not be possible if it were not for the various staff powering these organisations, however, it is recognised working in social care is not always seen as attractive. By joining all care professionals as Care Academy Affiliates, we aim to support recruitment and retention and help individuals continue to recognise and grow their knowledge, creating a culture of excellence through continuous learning and development.

How does it work?

Sign up to the Academy by becoming an
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Add more training throughout your career to move through the 5 rewards tiers and access even more discounts and savings


Upload your training certificates and qualifications
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Most mandatory training will enable you to reach tier 1 rewards


Use your training passport to demonstrate to your current and future employers your level of skill, knowledge and capability