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Key Terms Explained
Key term Definition
Affiliate The employee/care professional who has access to the Academy Portal.
Provider The care organisation or employer, is usually a generalised term for the company rather than a specific individual.
Portal Sometimes referred to as Academy Portal, Providers Portal or Affiliate Portal, this is the platform itself, used once you are logged in.
Academy The Care Professional Academy.
HCPA Hertfordshire Care Providers Association.
Rewards In the form of discounts and savings, you have access to rewards through your portal dependent on what tier you are on.
Tier As an Academy affiliate you will be on a rewards tier from 1-5, subject to the training certificates and qualifications uploaded on the portal.
What does the Academy offer me as a Care Professional?

The learning passport and dedicated online portal are designed to make it easy for care professionals to: 

  • Track your continual professional training and development  
  • Earn points each time you upload a certificate to your portal and to move up through the 5 tiers 
  • Each tier gives you access to perks in the form of exclusive rewards and discounts 
  • Easily demonstrate your professional qualifications and transferable skills to current and future employers 
  • Identify potential career pathways  
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    How To Sign Up To The Academy

    How To Navigate Your Portal

    How To Upload A Certificate

    How much does it cost to sign up?

    If you are a Care Professional, you can sign up for free as an Academy Affiliate, subject to the platform being available in your area. 

    Is the Academy available to all Care Professionals in the UK?

    The Academy is not yet available in all parts of the country, although it is our goal to be a national platform. If you are unable to find your county on registration, please contact us on  

    What is a Care Professional?

    Anyone working in Adult Social Care in any position.  

    I am not an affiliate, how do I register?

    Please visit our website and click on ‘care-employee sign up’ 

    I cannot find my county on the Care Professional Academy.

    If you are unable to find your county under the list of counties, please email . 

    What does CPD stand for?

    CPD’ stands for Continuing Professional Development (this could also refer to the records that show this such as certificates)

    I cannot find my organisation on the Care Professional Academy.

    If you are unable to find your organisation under your county on the list, please click on the I can’t find my organisation and you will then be able to enter the name of your organisation. 

    How long does it take to have my application validated or declined?

    Once you have registered and uploaded a minimum of one certificate, Care Professional Standards Academy staff members will be able to assess your application. Along with your record of training and development, in order to validate or decline your application. This will take around 7 working days. To reach the first tier please upload at least one full day’s worth of training certificates.

    I have moved to a new employer.

    Please log into your portal and there will be a green pencil , next to ‘CURRENT EMPLOYMENT’, please click on the green pencil and you can edit your details to add an additional employer or remove your current employer and add a new one.

    How can I edit my profile?

    Once you have logged into your profile, next to your picture, employment and name there will be a green pencil . Click on the green pencil and it will allow you to edit your profile.

    What do you mean by validating a certificate?

    The Academy team check details on every certificate and validate certificates in align with Skills for Care Core and Mandatory training. For every certificate uploaded to the Academy the Quality team check:

    1. The certificate is relevant
    2. The name matches
    3. The course name is correct
    4. About the training company and what type of training provider
    5. Date on certificate matches details entered
    6. Expiry date on certificate. If there is no expiry date Skills for Care guidelines will be used (if it should have one)
    7. Logos are correct
    8. The categories you have completed on upload are correct

    If there are any concerns about the validity of a certificate, additional checks are carried out.

    How do I know when my certificate has been approved?

    Once your certificate has been validated, you will receive an email from the Care Professional Academy.  

    How many points do I get for each certificate?

    The number of points for each certificate will be based on an internal algorithm and will factor in the following:

    • Is the learning approved by local County Council or Care Association? The reason for this is that we want to monitor the quality of training given to care staff. If the training is not approved, it will still accrue some credits, but not as many as approved training. If you would like to find out about training being ‘approved’, please email
    • Is the learning linked to an external awarding body for which you receive a full (or part of a) qualification?
    • What level is the learning?
    • How many hours have been spent directly on the training course?
    • Is the training face-to-face, distance learning or e-learning?
    How do I renew my passport?

    Your CPD is linked to affiliation, and you will need to renew your affiliation each year. To renew your affiliation you will need to upload at least one piece of training or CPD activity related to social care. 

    Why do you need my date of birth?

    Some of our perks will require your Academy Affiliate ID number and your date of birth to access the perks. This information is not used for any other reason.  

    I do not know what type of course my qualification is?

    If you are not sure if your course is a CPD Training Course or an Academic studies course, please give us your best guess and we will ensure it is uploaded correctly.  

    I need to have a certificate deleted from my profile.

    If you require a certificate to be deleted from your portal please contact the Care Professional Academy team at  

    If I need help, how do I get in contact?

    If you have any questions, you are welcome to email the Care Professional Academy Team on or call on 01707 937 990.

    Why should I use my personal email address and not my business email?

    By using your own personal e-mail address you will be able to access your portal at any time and from any device or computer.

    Not found what you are looking for?

    Email or phone us on 01707 937 990